Welcome to Region 2 – Let’s Get to Work!

Fellow Region 2 members,

I’m very excited to be working for and with you over the next two years as Region 2 Director.

Diego Ribadeneira and our former regional directors have done a great job. I hope to continue building on what they have done.

I’ve spoken with some of you and will be reaching out to others, but I also encourage you to let me know if there’s anything you would like to see done with regard to our region or NAHJ as a whole. I have ideas, but I really want to get input from members to see what you would like.

Currently, I’m working with local members here in the Boston area to put together a training workshop on multimedia. I’ll be looking into setting up a similar workshop in New York for sometime in 2010. Additionally, NAHJ is developing some events at the regional level.

As student members make up a large percentage of our membership, I will be working with journalism programs to develop resources for student members.

I plan on working with the Latino Sports Media Association (a few regional members are founders) to help continue the work they started.

However, my primary goal is to develop resources and training that will serve as many members in this region as possible.

Also, NAHJ has launched its “Count Me In” fundraising campaign. Anything you can give to help is greatly appreciated.

I know many members would like being involved in NAHJ to mean more than going to the convention once a year (which is something less of us are getting to do given the state of our industry). I hope to provide more opportunities to make this a reality.

If you’re on Facebook, become a fan of Region 2.

I’ll be posting all e-mails as well as some additional content here, so check back regularly!


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