Region 2 Update – Convention, Hall of Fame, Census and More

Dear Region 2 members,

Here’s the latest going on in Region 2 and around NAHJ…


Early bird registration has been extended until April 19. The Denver convention (June 23-26) is going to have a ton to offer. We’re bringing back all the programming that’s been a hit in recent years and adding a whole bunch more. Denver will be a great place for training, networking and fun.

Register now!

I know you have been/will be getting numerous e-mails from the national office telling you to register for the convention, but I cannot say enough good things about our convention. It’s really the cornerstone of the events we do. Affordable registration is still available. Airfare to Denver from NYC area is around $250 and roughly $300 from Hartford and Boston.


In the next few weeks, you may be hearing individually from myself or someone else within the organization. Our membership goal is to reach 2,010 members in 2010. As part of that, we’re looking at who our members are; where our lapsed members went; and who isn’t a member, but is someone who might be interested in joining. Getting an idea of who our members are will help us better provide what you want. Please keep an eye out.


NAHJ is now accepting nominations the Hall of Fame. If there’s anyone you think should be nominated, please let me know. Nominations forms are available at:

The deadline is April 19.

However, even if you don’t have a chance to pull together a nomination packet, please e-mail about any deserving candidates, and I can forward any names on for consideration.


Nine board positions will be up for election this summer: president, vice president (print), vice president (broadcast), secretary, financial officer, online at-large officer, Spanish language at-large officer, general at-large officer and student representative.

More information from the national office will be coming soon.

If you’re interested in running, candidates are required to have 25 signatures (or digital signatures) from current NAHJ members, and you can start collecting those now.

If you’re interested and have any questions about running/being on the board, feel free to contact me.


We’re in some very preliminary talks to hold a training session in New York (possibly at CUNY) before the convention. I’ll keep you posted.

Member June Carolyn Erlick spoke about her book, A Gringa in Bogotá: Living Colombia’s Invisible War. If you’re interested, it’s available on Amazon:

The McCormick Foundation along with J-Lab is offering grants of $12,000 to women-led projects. More information is available on the Region 2 blog:

The blog is updated as I get stuff – I also try to post that to the Facebook Region 2 fan page as well. You can now also follow NAHJ Region 2 on Twitter:

As always, if you have any information you think would be of interest to other members (upcoming events, job openings, internships, stories, blog links, resources, etc.), please send it my way.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, anything, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks so much!

Maria Burns Ortiz

Region 2 Director
National Association of Hispanic Journalists


Check out the Region 2 blog:

Become a fan of NAHJ Region 2 on Facebook:

Follow Region 2 on Twitter:


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