NAHJ Denounces Unfair Depiction of Immigrants and People of Color in the Boston Herald

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists has issued a statement in response to the Boston Herald’s April 27 cover and package on immigration.

From the statement:

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists condemns the depiction of people of color and immigrants in the Boston Herald’s cover package on April 27 unfortunately titled, “Mass. Cracks Down on Illegals”.

We believe the cover image of three people of color with the words “No Welfare,” “No Tuition,” and “No Medicaid” stamped across their foreheads reinforces racial stereotypes that have long been a trademark of unfair coverage of our communities. Not only do such depictions unfairly single out minorities as recipients of such services, but it also gives the impression that only people of color are undocumented immigrants.

NAHJ goes on to question the motivations behind such a cover, considering undocumented immigration are already restricted from receiving such services.

Additionally, NAHJ addresses the Herald’s use of racially derogatory language throughout the package.

To read the full release, click here.


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