NAHJ New York City launch update

Just wanted to give everyone an update from the NAHJ New York City launch meeting.

It was great meeting those of you who were at the meeting. For those who couldn’t make it, we hope to see you at something in the future – and we’re working to plan/organize a number of things to choose from.

The turnout was great. We had 25 people able to make it out. And I know a number of you also e-mailed me about want to make it, but couldn’t.

We identified a few different things to work on in the beginning.

– Social media strategy. I’d like to figure out a way to keep everyone up-to-date that doesn’t rely on just one person sending e-mails, posting to Facebook, etc. We all know that interactivity is what makes social media so successful, so let’s put it to work for us. I have a tapped a few people from the meeting who said that was their interest. Any feedback on the best way to reach you with information using social media would be helpful. If you’d like to be involved in this social media strategizing, let me know.

– Fundraising. This is something we need to do at a national and chapter level. I don’t want to just sit and ask you all to open up your wallets and give NAHJ money (although, you’re more than welcome to do so), but given NAHJ’s financial situation, there needs to be some kind of effort to bring in money.We discussed a silent auction that we’re looking to do in November/December. If you’re interested in fundraising and/or assisting on this, please let me know.

– Skill exchange. We’re going to try to set up some kind of database (even just as simple as a Google doc, where we can set up a skill exchange – i.e. you help me for two hours learning how to use Final Cut Pro, then I’ll help you for two hours trying to set up your blog). I’m looking to get this set up in the next month.

– Spanish-language. We had a number of people express interest in doing some events/training geared specifically toward Spanish-language media. I have talked to a few of those people already and will be reaching out to more this week about working on this front.

– Collaboration. I’m going to be speaking with someone from AMSE this week about some kind of panel or training even we can do together. I’ve also had some interest from NYWICI (NY Women in Communication) and ONA (Online News Association) on doing mixer-type events.

– Future meetings.

Location: I have been told NBC might have space to host us for a future meeting, but we’re always looking for meeting space. The way it’s worked with NAHJ New England is we get a host who gives us conference room space for the meeting (usually they spring for like pizza or some food, but that’s not at all a requirement) and we generally invite someone to talk about the company’s diversity efforts, how NAHJ can help, etc. if they like. It’s basically as hands off or involved as the company letting us use their space likes.

Time: Also, I am trying to figure out the best meeting times. I know that journalism is not a 9-to-5 industry. I’m not sure if the best approach is to have two regular, but different meeting times, maybe alternating every month (i.e. one month, a weeknight evening; the next month, a weekend late morning). Once we get underway with mixers and training events, etc., we’ll probably end up with events at a variety of times. But obviously the meeting time worked for everyone who was at the meeting, but without getting too specific for those of you that wanted to come but couldn’t, what would work?

There were also some great ideas and suggestions raised at the meeting – some advocacy suggestions, things we can do to help bring the issue of Latinos and media to the forefront following the census data release, etc.

But let me know what you’d like to see, ideas for what we can do, things you’d like to be involved in, etc. The more people we get involved, the more successful this chapter can be.

Feel free to reach out to me on anything. I’ll keep you all posted.

Maria Burns Ortiz

Region 2 Director
National Association of Hispanic Journalists


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